Artistic Director

Luka is a model, stylist, actor and creative entrepreneur. Born in NYC but grew up between Paris and New York, Luka was immersed into the world of fashion at an early age. The social media influencer has been noted as a rising star in, NY Times, Refinery 29, etc.  Luka absorbed what he saw growing up along with his current experiences in the industry and is now seeking to forge a new path for today's generation by using his platform to collaborate with other creatives.

Instagram: @lukasabbat
Twitter: @whoisluka



Noah is from the Southwest , Colorado born and raised. Noah has always felt visual media and photography are the best ways of expression without using words. Noah likes to get a point across with images rather than having to speak words that may not resonate. He draws inspiration from everything around him and with so much going on in today's youth culture and the world, there is lots of inspiration to draw from.
Instagram: @noahpdillon
Twitter: @noah__dillon


Curtis Eggleston is a 22-year-old creative writer from Durango, CO. After spending his summers teaching English for Conexão Mundo and traveling through Brazil, Curtis moved to Mato Grosso post-graduation to work as a journalist for the NGO Aliança da Terra. There, he covered a team of firefighters, the Brigada Incêndio, as they fought to preserve the Xingu region from crippling fires that decimate the ever-shrinking indigenous land of the Xavante and Camaiurás tribes. Contrasting his stint of isolation in the Cerrado biome, he then moved São Paulo to commit to fiction.

Instagram: @vagabondswans